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A prominent centerpiece of ChenaultWoodford International’s specialized experience is in the world of designing equine facilities

Professional Architectural, Engineering and Planning Services for the Development of Equestrian-Based Projects

Every project passes through a series of phases. A phase that is skipped or is done in an unprofessional manner can result in errors that may be difficult, expensive or impossible to correct at a later date. In a project with an important equestrian theme it is very desirable to hire a specialized equestrian architect to work in the development of the project. In some cases the equestrian architect can join an established team of professionals as a special design consultant.

ChenaultWoodford International will help you develop your ideas into a clear and documented statement of purpose and feasibility. ChenaultWoodford will lead your project through any or all of the important phases of development – programming, site master planning, preliminary design, final design and then construction observation. Other services can include peer review of plans prepared by other professionals and special consulting on operations, equipment and fixtures.